Scrapbook Stars

Every British pop star has had their career recorded meticulously by the press, in autobiographies and across social media. But as well as the articles and documentaries, the wax works and plaques, these stars have been immortalised in Pritt Stick.

Stuck between dog-eared pages, everyone from the Beatles to the Spice Girls have been lovingly documented by their biggest fans in scrapbooks. The People’s History of Pop has seen some wonderful creations uploaded to the site, demonstrating just how cherished these musicians were.



David Bowie fan Linda first saw him live in 1973, the concert where Bowie announced the retirement of the Ziggy character. As the entire Hammersmith Apollo screamed “Don’t go, David!” Linda resolved to begin her scrapbook so she had something to remember him by, something to cling on to. She wasn’t to know he would soon return as the Thin White Duke.



download (1)Throughout the 1980’s and ‘90s Lisa Redford kept magazine cuttings all about her favourite pop star, Morrissey. At the height of the Brit Pop era, Lisa collected Morrissey fanzines and records. Music was a big deal to her and her friends; the 1990’s were a celebratory period where there was real passion for the bands and the music they created.


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